Newsletter 8/31/22

August: wild month! Here we go.

My highlights for this month, and what’s coming up next:

  • I posted early access pieces for all of my projects.
  • I published my seventh book! Service Slave Secrets: Volume Two is now available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form.
  • I started posting To Be a Deviser, the sequel to Contrivance.
  • Next month (edited): I’m mixing up my goals a little, but, more writing!
  • For SlaveClass, I taught two classes this month: Professional Standards for Service, and Service Schedules. Also, Mistress and I chatted about Living 24/7 High Protocol M/s with the CONsolation server. Thanks to everyone who came, and the CONsolation team for having us!
  • Next month: I’m taking September off from events, but I’ve been scheduling lots of fun stuff for October and beyond. In the meantime, find tickets for future events and class recordings on SlaveClass.
  • For Las Vegas TNG: two TNG munches this month—super fun!
  • Next month: as mentioned, I’m taking September off from events, but we have an awesome guest host who stepped up for September, so there will be three of the usual munches on the 5th, 12th, and and 19th, if you happen to be 18-35 and local to the Vegas area.

Other updates from this month:

  • Spent a lot of meaningful time with family and friends, including a visit with a friend from out of town.
  • Have continued to donate plasma.
  • I started a Little Free Library! It’s up and running and doing well.
  • Got some important medical stuff and things in the house sorted out.
  • Went to Arizona for a day trip to scope out an area for investing in our next rental property, and play tourist.
  • Did a vow of silence day.
  • Worked on butler school coursework, including making some really yummy recipes.
  • Read a lot. Special mention to The Bridge by Bill Konigsberg.
  • Still having fun revisiting and editing some past works.
  • Spent about a week in Boston by myself! Got to hit up a bunch of museums, bookstores, my old haunts, and more.

Thanks for everything this month; have a happy, healthy, and safe September.

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3 thoughts on “Newsletter 8/31/22”

  1. Thanx for the update! I am always impressed by the amount of work you accomplish plus the slave duties.
    When you are punished by your Mistress is it a deterrent to Future transgressions.?Is the pain the deterrent or is it disappointment in yourself or knowing Mistress is disappointed in you?


    1. Thank you!

      For your question—yes, it’s a deterrent, much more the disappointment than the pain (the physical pain is honestly nothing compared to what we do for fun), but it’s just been little accidents for years (missed cleaning a spot I didn’t see on the counter, forgot to turn the coffee on, etc.), so it doesn’t usually cross my mind consciously as a deterrent, if that makes sense. It also happens pretty rarely (maybe three or four times a year), so I don’t tend to think about it often. The goal around here is I obey because I want to/I agreed to, not out of fear of punishment, and punishment is more a clear way to atone and move on/an obligation (something has to happen if the rules set get broken, or what do they mean) than anything else.

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      1. I understand what your saying. . The punish ment only serves as a form of atonement– to clear the slate. It sounds like it serves almost as a ritual that is required to help remove disappointment
        and maybe guilt feelings. You are totally
        devoted to her. Submission and reverence toward her is exemplified by you like I rarely see in anyone else.
        You are really awesome! Thank you for taking the time to respond.

        Liked by 1 person

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