Newsletter 7/31/22

July: geez, where did July go? Didn’t I just write one of these? Well, here goes.

My highlights for this month, and what’s coming up next:

  • I posted early access pieces for all of my projects, and around 15,000 words across my projects total.
  • Some of my favorite standalone updates include:
    • “Schizophrenia in Creativity and Productivity” (for A Productive Hannah)
    • “July 6th” (for The Schizophrenia Diaries)
    • Next month: posting all promised early access pieces at least, and (probably) publishing Service Slave Secrets: Volume Two! And maybe starting a sequel to Contrivance?
  • For SlaveClass, I taught four classes this month: Productivity for Service, Butler’s Books, S-Type Files, and Other Service Records for Pragmatic Kink, Anticipatory Service for Wicked Grounds, and my new class, How to Learn Protocols. Thanks to everyone who came, and the Wicked Grounds and PK teams for all they do.
  • Next month: I’ll be teaching Professional Standards for Service on 8/6 and Service Schedules on 8/20. Additionally, Mistress and I will be talking “Living 24/7 High Protocol M/s” with CONsolation on 8/10. Find all the details on SlaveClass. See you there!
  • For Las Vegas TNG: three TNG events this month—two of our usual munches, and a play party (technically tomorrow, the last of the month). Fun month!
  • Next month, we have two of our usual munches on the 8th and 22nd, if you happen to be 18-35 and local to the Vegas area. Should be great!

Other updates from this month:

  • Did all the usual slave duties/housewife things.
  • Did some really fun scenes/play/Things.
  • Did some fun crafting and yummy baking and cooking, tried some new recipes. Made cinnamon rolls from scratch for the first time.
  • Soon to start Module 11 of the butler course I’m taking—cigars.
  • Been reading more. Recently loved Because Internet by Gretchen McCulloch and The Pursuit of Endurance by Jennifer Pharr Davis. Currently reading The Memory Librarian by Janelle Monáe and Experience on Demand by Jeremy Bailenson.
  • Went to San Francisco to visit my in laws. Got around northern California with hiking, boating, swimming, and exploring.
  • Took Psychological First Aid through the Red Cross.
  • Started the process of revisiting and editing some past works, if you notice any tweaks.
  • Started donating plasma. I’ve been going once a week.
  • Launched the webinars pages for The Schizophrenia Diaries and A Productive Hannah (links above).

Thanks for everything this month; have a happy, healthy, and safe August.

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2 thoughts on “Newsletter 7/31/22”

  1. WOW! You continue to be a very productive slave. I was thinking you are already a 24/7 High Protocol slave. What does “with CONsolation” consist of?
    You seem to be a model slave in all respects. You require very little disciplinary correction and your devotion to your Mistress is remarkable. She is blessed to have you.
    I look forward to your posts and I thank you for this one.


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