Newsletter 5/31/22

May: weird month, but lots going on and coming up overall.

My highlights for this month, and what’s coming up next:

  • I posted early access pieces for all of my projects, and 20,000 words across my projects total.
  • Some of my favorite standalone updates include:
    • “Lifestyle Masochism #4 (Pressure Pointed)” and “24/7 High Protocol: Last Thing at Night” and “But You Could Walk Out Right Now” and “Being a Slave Isn’t Easy” (for Service Slave Secrets) (It was hard to pick, as I’ve been super inspired for this blog this month. But “Being a Slave Isn’t Easy” is now my most popular post of all time—eek!)
    • “On Age Dysphoria” and “On Conflating Skinny and Productive” (for A Productive Hannah, my newest project)
    • “On Sundowning, and Daydreams vs. Hallucinations” and “Want to Know About Schizophrenia? Ask a Schizophrenic” (for The Schizophrenia Diaries)
    • (And remember you can subscribe to an early access level—or any of those blogs—for updates throughout the month. Thank you to everyone who’s done so!)
  • ICYMI: I’m currently running a Kindle Countdown Deal on my book, Service Slave Secrets: Volume One. Just $1.99 at the time of this post. (Find my other books here.) Thanks to everyone who’s grabbed a copy.
  • Next month: posting all promised early access pieces at least.
  • For SlaveClass, I taught four classes this month: Butler’s Books, S-Type Files, and Other Service Records on 5/7, 24/7 High Protocol Dynamics for Wicked Grounds on 5/12, Anticipatory Service on 5/14, and Service Schedules for Pragmatic Kink on 5/21. Thanks to everyone who came, and the PK and Wicked Grounds teams for all they do.
  • Class bundles and electives (including Bed Making and Turndown, and Bootblacking) are now available individually here. Class bundles include the recording, written adaptation, and notes for that class, frequently with other resources. Or, as always, subscribe on SlaveClass for full access. (Thanks to everyone who already has.)
  • Next month: I’ll be teaching Butler’s Books, S-Type Files, and Other Service Records for Wicked Grounds on 6/9, Schizophrenia in the Scene on 6/11, Service Schedules for Service Chats on 6/18, and Culinary Services on 6/25. Find all details on SlaveClass. See you there!
  • For Las Vegas TNG: there were three TNG events this month—two of our usual munches, and a May the 4th/Formal themed dinner and play party. Super fun!
  • Next month, we have two of our usual munches (the 6th and 20th) and a high protocol dinner and play party on 6/28, if you happen to be 18-35 and local to the Vegas area (and a regular, for the dinner/party). Super excited!

Other updates from this month:

  • The usual slave duties.
  • Working on getting another rental property.
  • Doing butler school coursework. On the culinary module—one of my favorite subjects!
  • Got a coworking space membership and have been super productive there, and enjoying the energy and community.
  • Got to celebrate Mother’s Day with the best mom in the world.
  • Got a new car, and have been getting more driving experience.
  • Did some super fun scenes/play/Things.

Thanks for everything this month; have a happy, healthy, and safe June.

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