Newsletter 3/31/22

March: super wild month.

My highlights for this month, and what’s coming up next:

  • I posted early access for an In Blood, Our Legacy chapter, a Service Slave Secrets blog post, and an I’ll Give You companion story on my Buy Me a Coffee.
  • I published two books in one week! Including that final companion story, The Second IGY Companion (short story anthology) and Contrivance (The Devisers and Their Secrets) (novel, includes three extra short stories) are now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format. These were my fifth and sixth books. I’m super excited about both. I’ve been working on Contrivance in various forms since 2011, over ten years ago, when I was thirteen, and completed the final five chapters this month to publish it just a few days ago. Thanks to everyone who’s grabbed a copy.
  • I launched a complete early access membership for every project that didn’t already have one. Thanks to everyone who’s subscribed.
  • Goals for next month: see to posting all of those early access pieces.
  • For SlaveClass:
  • I had four classes in March: Service Throughout the Day/Service Schedules for Pragmatic Kink, Drink Services, Anticipatory Service, and Schizophrenia in the Scene. I also ran SlaveClass Office Hours. I want to say thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks to Pragmatic Kink for having me. Unfortunately, I had to go shortly after we got started on the PK class due to Mistress having a medical emergency (all is well now), so class has been rescheduled. Big thank you to everyone who’s sent well wishes and again to the PK team for handling the class so well.
  • Half of ticket sales for Schizophrenia in the Scene go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, so thank you to ticketholders for that class especially for your donation.
  • I also launched SlaveClass electives: short, on-demand-only demo videos that cover class topics in more depth. First video: bed making and turndown.
  • I was interviewed on the Erotic Awakening podcast about Anticipatory Service. Thanks to Dan and Dawn for having me; it was a blast.
  • Next month: I’m excited to be launching two new classes: Professional Standards for Service on 4/9 and Productivity for Service on 4/16. I’ll also be teaching 24/7 High Protocol Dynamics for PK on 4/1, and Schizophrenia in the Scene for THRIVE Conference on 4/24 (so excited for my first conference). See you there!
  • Locally, I ran five Las Vegas TNG (The Next Generation) events in March, including two munches, a game night at a board game cafe, a coworking space, and hosting a play party. Thanks to everyone who attended; we had a lot of fun this month. I also launched our group Discord server.
  • In April, I’ll be organizing two TNG munches (4/4 and 4/18), and we’ll have a rope class on 4/22 (thanks to our instructor), if you happen to be between eighteen and thirty-five, and local to the Vegas area. See you there!

Other updates from this month:

  • I got my driving instruction permit early in the month and Mistress is teaching me to drive. Going pretty well so far.
  • I got my ham radio Technician license.
  • Finished Module 8 of the butler course I’m taking. Grateful for all the feedback, and having fun applying what I learn.
  • Renewed my Bloodborne Pathogens certificate.
  • Renewed my Fire Safety Certificate.
  • Attended several fun kink events.
  • Favorite book of the month: Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey.
  • Added some yummy new recipes to my repertoire.
  • More practicing with aerial silks. Currently practicing tricks off a basic footlock and hiplock. Super fun.
  • Did all of the usual slave/housewife routines.
  • Did some fun play with Mistress—scalpels, barbed wire, all that good stuff. We’re also starting to get places with orgasm on command training.
  • We started a kind of new/modified our twice daily inspection routine.
  • Selling our rental property, currently under contract, reinvesting soon.
  • Did some crafting.
  • Refreshing my piano skills.
  • Next month: more of the same, mostly.

Thanks for everything this month; have a happy and healthy April. Stay safe out there.

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