Newsletter 2/28/22

February: what a month.

My highlights for this month, and what’s coming up next:

  • Locally, I ran two Las Vegas TNG (The Next Generation) munches in February. Thanks to everyone who attended—we had an awesome turnout this month.
  • In March, I’ll be hosting the TNG munch on March 7th and 21st, game night on March 10th, play party on March 18th, and coworking space on March 27th, if you happen to be between eighteen and thirty-five, and local to the Vegas area.
  • Other updates from this month:
    • Celebrated Valentine’s Day. Grateful to get to spend the day with Mistress and have fun.
    • Read: Personal Effects by Robert A. Jensen, Cherish Farrah by Bethany C. Morrow, and The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey. All awesome. Also, Wired, Food Network, Better Homes and Gardens, and Good Housekeeping magazines. So on.
    • Added some yummy new recipes to my repertoire.
    • Did some fun crocheting and crafting.
    • Learning how to sketch and doing a sketch a day, and loving it, adding some new mediums.
    • Have been getting some more exercise. More practicing with aerial silks.
    • Did butler school coursework (the 400-Hour Private Residence Butler Online Course through the International Institute of Modern Butlers). Applying what I’m learning.
    • Had fun and was productive at (DevynStone’s) Coworking Hours.
    • Studied for/currently passing practice tests for the HAM radio technician test.
    • Watched our little indoor garden grow, played with the kitties.
    • Did all of the usual slave/housewife routines.
    • Getting interviewed for a kink podcast later today—stay tuned.
    • We’re selling our rental property and buying a newer build.
    • Next month: hoping to get my driving instruction permit, my ham radio Technician license, finish Module 8 of the butler course I’m taking, renew my Bloodborne Pathogens certificate, and renew my Fire Safety certificate.

Thanks for everything this month; have a happy, healthy, and safe March.

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2 thoughts on “Newsletter 2/28/22”

  1. It is delightful to see your growth and progress and I have referred your work and passion to many of my friends. Thank you for what you do 🙂


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