Newsletter 1/31/23

  • Writing wise, I posted about 10,000 words across my projects this month, including “A Few Weeks in the Life” on The Schizophrenia Diaries, and a new I’ll Give You (AU) companion: “May We Burn in Heaven“.
  • Next month: hoping to post at least 10,000 words across my projects.
  • SlaveClass: I taught three classes this month: “Professional Standards for Service” for Wicked Grounds, “How to Learn Protocols” for House of Kush (my first class with them), and “How to Learn Protocols” again for CONsolation. Thanks to everyone who came, and the teams who made it happen!
  • Next month: I’ll be teaching “Service Schedules” for Pragmatic Kink on 2/7, “Butler’s Books, S-Type Files, and Other Service Records” on 2/19, and “Productivity for Service” on 2/25. See you there!
  • We had three Las Vegas TNG events this month (our usual munches). Thanks to everyone who came, and Mistress for playing backup host on the 16th.
  • Next month: two of our usual munches (13th and 27th), and movie night on the 7th (shoutout to our guest host!), if you happen to be 18-35 and local to the Vegas area.

Other updates from this month:

  • New Year’s! Spent some nice time with family and friends. I turned twenty-five! My mom had a birthday, too.
  • Did all of the usual routines, and have been tweaking my schedule a little.
  • Read some great books! Elena Vanishing and Almost Anorexic were probably my favorites.
  • Did some awesome play.
  • Did lots of baking and cooking, including two new recipes: vegan chocolate chip cookies, and skillet brownies (including a gluten-free version), yum.
  • Did some fun crafting.
  • Got more into witchcraft, especially tarot and dream work.

Thanks for everything this month; have a happy, healthy, and safe February!

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