Newsletter 12/31/21

Been a wild December. Let’s see…

My highlights for the month, and what’s coming up next:

  • In December, I taught two classes: Anticipatory Service and my first run of Schizophrenia in the Scene. I was super excited to launch this class and really pleased with how it turned out. Thank you to everyone who came and participated for both.
  • Locally, I hosted three events for Las Vegas TNG, including the group’s first play party. Again, thanks to everyone who joined us.
  • Next month: I’m taking a break from events to focus on other projects, but I’ll be back in February.

Other assorted life updates from this month:

  • Had a very merry holiday season.
  • Our plant menagerie continues to expand.
  • Did a lot of fun crafting (sew/crochet) due to gifting season.
  • All of the usual slave routines.
  • Did work for the butler school course I’m taking (the 400-Hour Private Residence Butler Online Course through the International Institute of Modern Butlers). Really loving the housekeeping module, and have started sharing things about the course on Service Slave Secrets.
  • All of the usual landlord duties/really gearing up for another rental in 2022.
  • Started practicing with the aerial silks I got for Christmas! So much fun. I’ve got a single foot lock down, and a few tricks from there…
  • Reads of the month: The Forest of Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel, The Opposite of Butterly Hunting by Evanna Lynch, Company of One by Paul Jarvis. (They were all awesome, I highly recommend.)
  • Next month: I’ll be turning twenty-four.

Since it’s December, a 2021 highlight reel:

  • Started teaching kink education webinars! I taught twenty-seven classes this year, including events for awesome venues like TES and Wicked Grounds, and currently have a seven class repertoire. I launched all of the content on SlaveClass, including consults.
  • Launched Las Vegas TNG in May! We had twenty-one events this year.
  • I started going to butler school!
  • I made progress on all of my writing projects, launched several things including my fiction project In Blood, Our Legacy, and this newsletter. I also published three books.

Thanks for everything this month and year; have a very happy New Year’s.

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