Newsletter 10/31/21

First newsletter! Where did October go?

My highlights for the month, and what’s coming up next:

  • Posted 25,000 words across my projects. Notably: launched In Blood, Our Legacy, my newest BDSM fiction project, now with more magic, and my most popular post yet (thanks, everyone!) on my BDSM blog Service Slave Secrets: “Why I Sleep on the Floor”. And all of the usual updates to Service Slave Secrets, my mental health blog The Schizophrenia Diaries, my writing blog here, and my other fiction projects, including the BDSM series I’ll Give You (sometimes described as The Marketplace meets The Good Place), and for all your dystopian mentor/apprentice needs, Contrivance.
  • Next month! Writing more words. I’m also hoping to complete/self-publish the second book in the I’ll Give You series; it’s currently three chapters from done where it’s being posted serially on Archive of Our Own.

  • In October, I taught two classes: Anticipatory Service, and Culinary Services for the awesome Wicked Grounds. Thanks to everyone who came! I’ve scheduled my first classes for 2022 on SlaveClass, including a new event addition, Office Hours, and made a few improvements.
  • Next month! I’ll be teaching Culinary Services: On the Road on November 6th, Anticipatory Service for Wicked Grounds on November 9th, and Drink Services on November 20th. See you there!

  • Locally, I hosted two munches for Las Vegas TNG.
  • Next month! Two more munches on November 8th and 22nd, if you happen to be between eighteen and thirty-five, and local to the Vegas area.

Other assorted updates from my life this month:

  • Went to San Francisco! Got to see my in laws, visit some cool parks, book stores, museums, Wicked Grounds, and more!
  • Made a lot of improvements around the house, deep cleaning, reorganizing, little fixes, cleaning stuff out. Made donuts for the first time, and got some new plants! Got a bit of crocheting in. All of the usual slave routines.
  • Did work for the butler school course I’m taking (the 400-Hour Private Residence Butler Online Course through the International Institute of Modern Butlers). Making progress.
  • All of the usual landlord duties/gearing up for another rental.
  • Studied for/currently passing practice tests for the HAM radio technician test.
  • Reads of the month: Doing School by Denise Clark Pope, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, From Chaos to Creativity by Jessie Kwak, Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal, and Creating Captivating Classes by Shay and Stefanos Tiziano (and more).
  • Next month! Thanksgiving, and our fourth anniversary.

Thanks for everything this month; stay safe out there!

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