Newsletter 3/31/23

  • Writing wise, for various reasons, I only posted about 5,000 words across my projects this month (including updates for May We Burn in Heaven and To Be a Deviser).
  • Next month, I’m mixing up my writing goal in a way I have a lot of hope for, and aiming to do a fifteen minute word war daily. (I can write around 1,000 words in that time if I’m on a roll.)
  • SlaveClass: I taught three classes this month: “Anticipatory Service” for Pragmatic Kink, “Schizophrenia in the Scene” for Leather Leadership Conference (LLC), and “Contract Systems”. I was so excited to officially teach my first in person class at LLC, attend my first in person conference, and go to Georgia for the first time!
  • Next month: I’ll be teaching “Butler’s Books, S-Type Files, and Other Service Records” for Pragmatic Kink on 4/4, and “Anorexia in the Scene” for THRIVE Conference on 4/ 30 (possibly premiering this as a new regular class, possibly a one-time deal). I’ll also be speaking on two panels. See you there! (Go register for THRIVE!)
  • We had three Las Vegas TNG events this month: two of our usual munches, and a play party. Thanks to everyone who attended!
  • Next month: two of our usual munches (10th and 24th), with help from an awesome guest host on the 10th, and a bootblacking skillshare on the 2nd, if you happen to be 18-35 and local to the Vegas area.

Other updates from this month:

  • Went to some fun kink events. (Have I mentioned LLC?)
  • Read some great books. Favorites included Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, and Anti Diet by Christy Harrison (life-changing! Go read it! Read it now!)
  • Spent some fun time with family and friends.
  • Attended to lots of important medical stuff all around, but especially my mental health.
  • Did all of the usual slave duties.
  • Had some fun play times, including playing with new toys.
  • Did a bit of witchcraft.
  • Did a bit of sewing, some photography and drawing, some cooking and baking, general crafting.

Thanks for everything this month; have a happy, healthy, and safe April!

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