24/7 High Protocol Service Slave, Owned by Unlashed Since January 2018

Some Misc. Certifications 

  • Adult, Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED (American Red Cross, February 2021)
  • Cat and Dog First Aid (American Red Cross, January 2021)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training (National Health & Safety Association, March 2021)
  • Food Allergy Training (360Training, February 2021)
  • Fire Safety Training (ProTrainings, March 2021)
  • TAM (Techniques of Alcohol Management) Card (TAM Nevada, April 2021) 

Some Upcoming Misc. Certifications 

  • FSM (Food Safety Manager) Card (Southern Nevada Health District) (Closed for COVID)
  • International Institute of Modern Butlers Full Private Residence Butler/Household Manager Course (IIMB) (Currently Taking Course)

Classes I’ve Taught

  • Online: Service Throughout the Day (January 2021, March 2021)
  • Online: Butler’s Books, S-Type Files, and Other Service Records (February 2021, April 2021)
  • Online: Culinary Services (February 2021)
  • Online: 24/7 High Protocol Dynamics (March 2021)

Upcoming Classes I’ll Teach

  • Online: Culinary Services (April 2021)
  • Online: 24/7 High Protocol Dynamics (May 2021)

Top Events I’ve Hosted

  • Weekly Private Kink Event at Home (Co-Host Unlashed) (January 2018–May 2019) 

Writing Index and Accomplishments

Relevant Classes I’ve Attended (Active in Local BDSM Community Since August 2016)

  • BDSM Orientation by MrDark (September 2016, January 2020)
  • Crepes Class and Knife Skills Class by Sur La Table (February 2018)
  • M/s Communications Class by ravnos81/Pagan_Angel2456 (May 2019)
  • CNC Class by ravnos81/Pagan_Angel2456 (May 2019)
  • Building Protocols to Enhance Your Dynamic by Master__David and His_brynn (June 2019)
  • Online: Deepen Your Submission by A_Vice (March 2020)
  • Online: Organizational Authority Transfer by DevynStone (April 2020)
  • Online: Getting Down with Position Training by Boromoy and amari (May 2020)
  • Online: Extreme Edge Ownership by DevynStone and property840 (May 2020)
  • Online: Hosting a Protocol Event by UnrulyNerdGirl (June 2020)
  • Online: Service Antici… pation by Ignixia (July 2020)
  • Online: Old School Protocols for M/s and D/s Relationships by MasterHines (December 2020)
  • Online: Dungeon Monitoring 101 by Matty Phoenix Pendragon (March 2021)
  • Online: Black Boots! Virtual Boot Service and Leather Care Class by LatigoRaptio (March 2021)

Relevant Reading I’ve Done

Best References on FetLife

Other Notes

  • Landlord/Property Manager (2019-present)
  • Volunteer (Las Vegas Clark County Library District) (2019-2020)

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